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Air Brake Systems Manufacturers for Truck Trailer PCV
A.B.S. & E.B.S.

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    We have various sources for all genuine Knorr-Bremse components.

    Knorr-Bremse is the leading worldwide supplier of braking and control systems for commercial vehicles. As an innovative developer of advanced electronic and pneumatic systems, Knorr-Bremse supplies virtually all leading vehicle manufacturers around the globe.


Knorr-Bremse have now upgraded there Trailer EBS Systems to Gen2, Gen2.1 & Now Gen2.2
Before replacing a KB Trailer ECU check the compatability.

We have various sources for all genuine Haldex components.

All Haldex Trailer EBS systems are now replaced using a Gen3 ECU.

Read all about the latest Haldex TrCM

"There is at least one remanufacturing company of commercial vehicle air brake components in the UK which takes its responsibilities seriously."

A full range of new and re-manufactured Truck & Trailer Brake equipment available.

Quality Guaranteed Exchange Brake Calipers
A Main Product Line For Fleetparts.
Click on the caliper to download their new caliper application catalogue

Air Brake Systems & Components for HGV, PSV, Agricultural & Plant Applications

erentek supplies
Bertocco Products To:-
C.V.Components Ltd

We have various sources for all genuine Wabco Components.

WABCO The innovator in ABS and EBS braking systems and a leading supplier of braking and control systems for the commercial vehicle industry and its aftermarkets.


Wabco have upgrade there Trailer EBS systems to a Wabco 'E' with various levels of software.
Before replacing a Trailer ECU check the compatability.


  • Is the unit leaking air at a breather exhaust., if so check all the spring brake actuators for a leaking handbrake seal as this will allow air to by pass through the service brake diaphragm and out of the exhaust of the ECU.

  • Check the integrity of all cables for connections and corrosion.
    Also any auxiliary equipment for solenoid corrosion or failure as this will stop the unit from functioning properly.

  • If any of the above is present then replacing the ECU will not correct the fault

  • N.B. Before replacing a trailer TEBS ECU check the compatability to copy & paste the parameters as software upgrade issues can occur, due to the manufacturers upgrading and improving their systems regularly.

  • Also be aware of Standard units and Premium units.


  • More than 8.5bar = OVER PRESSURE. SERIOUS FAULT

  • Under 4.5bar = LOW PRESSURE. Will clear automatically after building up the pressure
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